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      Lin Worthy

      received via email:  “My elderly Mother was a member of the guild – Elisabeth Napier-Munn, and she spent many years designing and making some beautiful jewellery. As she became less able to use her hands for intricate work, she began assembling some beautiful necklaces using stunning stones/beads.
      She can no longer create these and has in stock a number of completed and partly completed necklaces, plus collections of beads not yet used. There are also a number of items of jewellery such as unused clasps, random precious and non-precious gems which are yet to be used.
      I wondered if any members of the guild would like to contact me and view them? They can either make us an offer for the whole lot or in parts.
      We also have a beautiful showcase which she had made by another member of the guild. We would be interested in offers for this.

      Tamsin Napier-Munn l Tel:+44(0)7810202491  Email: tamsin.napiermunn@btinternet.com

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