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      Following Lin’s email about signing up for Indie Fairs, I thought it might be helpful to feed back on my recent experience of them.

      I did their Burford Fair in December 2019. They are a young couple new to the business of craft fairs and their lack of experience really showed. It was not well organised or managed, with no advance publicity or marketing, no visible presence in Burford on the day apart from handing out a few leaflets, no signage to show anyone where the event was being held, and therefore few visitors.

      I did just about OK but many people sold nothing at all and were going to ask for their money back. The organisers responded very negatively to exhibitors’ suggestions they could have done more to help make it a success. The fact they have fewer than 200 followers on Instagram, and had to be prompted by an exhibitor even to post about the fair in the week before it, shows their inexperience.

      Annia Marcus was there too and I think her experience was no better than mine. She had signed up for a second Indie Fair the following weekend, in Suffolk.

      I would not exhibit with them again, though for London events they may be better, as they are based there.

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      Debbie Page

      Thank you very much for this review Robyn.  Very useful to know.

      Have to posted a similar review on Art Fair Buddies?  It’s a group on Facebook with members giving reviews and comments on fairs and galleries

      Thanks again


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