Andrew Harrison

Aged 17 Andrew joined the British Army, his first 2 years were spent completing a City & Guilds apprenticeship as a carpenter & joiner. Having now served 23 years, and with retirement not too far away, Andrew wanted to explore his creative side with timber, so began his dream “Ingrained”. Now a member of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild, all of Andrew’s work is created using ecologically sourced timbers from both local suppliers for the English woods and importers of more exotic woods. The carefully chosen timbers are selected for their colouration, natural flaws and patternation, this takes more time to source but the results are worth the extra effort. The pieces all create themselves. Andrew never really knows exactly how a piece will turn out. He begins with a basic shape and then follows the wood’s own contours and designs to highlight the natural features within the wood. Andrew’s aim is that through his work, people will see the natural beauty within these amazing pieces of wood, and that using traditional crafts, he can produce amazing modern pieces of art.

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