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Anne Arlidge

I finished a degree in Glass and Ceramics at High Wycombe twelve years ago.  Since then I have set up a workshop in Lower Assenden, where I have made and sold my glass.  I work mostly with recycled Dartington glass, renting a workshop in Dudley for blowing and hot working. I combine the prepared glass from Dudley with clear glass in my kilns to make both sculptural and functional pieces.

Having lived on or near the river for most of my life, I developed a series of panels called Deep Surface.  In these I explored the regenerative power of the river to recover from industrial pollution. Recently I have been drawn to the effects of and controversy surrounding `climate change`. There are perhaps solutions, but in the meantime changes can be recorded and, where it is to be found, beauty celebrated.  It is from this perspective that I have started a series called `meltwater`.

Using a `lost vegetable` process, I have been casting fruit and vegetables in clear glass. Working with a blacksmith, we create garden sculptures that catch and hold the light, whether the low light of winter or that of the full summer sun. I have also done several private and public commissions.

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