Anthony Eccles

A post graduate degree at Bath Spa University gave me the opportunity to focus on experimental work; manipulations using the body as a force, a physical approach that celebrates the material and expressive potential of the clay. This led to working with the Oxford Anagama Project and the making of still lifes composed of groups of pots of various contrasting clays, forms and textures.

The desire for a relaxed spontaneity and shape is further explored in these smaller domestic pots. The thrown terracotta form is dipped in white slip and acts as a canvas. Vigorous, sweeping brush marks, and digital transfers made from my own pastel drawings provide layers of colour and movement. The gestural pastel lines blend, bleed and provide contrasting tones, textures, palette and scale to the surface. Traditional slipware with a twist.

I use a soft clay encouraging a more fluid style of throwing and handling seen in the hand marks of smudged or dribbled slip or the areas of bare uncovered clay, these incidents are deliberately left as a visual diary of the making process.

I have been a member of the Oxfordshire Craft Guild for many years and have taught Adult Learning Classes in the county as well as teach workshops in my studio in Oxford.

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