Kirstie Reynolds

I am a jewellery designer maker based in Banbury, Oxfordshire who specialises in jewellery made with silver clay. After graduating from Loughborough University with a first class honours degree in 1998, I travelled in extensively before setting up my studio in 1999. Whilst jewellery is my passion, my original background was in ceramics and this has been the perfect foundation for my venture into a malleable form of silver otherwise known as silver clay or precious metal clay (pmc). Silver clay is a revolutionary material that challenges any preconceptions about how precious metals must be worked. It is a mixture of microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in a non-toxic binder to create a pliable material similar to clay. It is fired in a kiln like regular clay to burn off the water and binder leaving us with 99.9% pure Silver. My hallmark is therefore 999 and as a result of its purity, it can be worn by people normally sensitive to sterling silver! Stones set into jewellery items are all laboratory grown to mimic natural stones and are fired in the kiln with the silver clay. Stones available are Cubic Zirconium, Yellow/Pink/Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Tanzanite and Ruby.

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