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Pam Fyvie

Inspired by Royal Krona Swedish Glass Artist Mats Jonasson, after seeing his work and buying a piece in her late teens, Pam Fyvie started working in glass in 2010 after a lifetime of loving it as an art form. After trying many other mediums, none of which stuck, it wasn’t until she started working with glass for herself that she found her true metier.
Becoming increasingly passionate about glass as an interpretation of her interests and inspirations, Pam set up her own studio and attended various courses to build up knowledge of her subject, along with much research.
In 2012 Pam started attending college at Westminster Adult Education Service in London where she went on to do a three year Btech in glass, and learned how to do cast glass.
Pam says “I am constantly inspired and awed by the world about me, particularly by the forces of nature. I am passionate about colours and their relationships to each other and love to explore new techniques and ideas.
Glassmaking provides an endless variety of methods to interpret my inspirations. The translucency, reflectability and refractability of glass, means that the pieces change constantly in relation to light, making it an exciting medium with which to work.”
Pam’s work has been bought by people from many different countries and has been shown in exhibitions and galleries, most recently as part of The Oxford International Art Fair, the CGS show ‘Water & Music’ at the Pyramid Gallery in York, The Vessel Gallery in London and in Castle Lane Gallery in Banbury.
As well as being a member of The Contemporary Glass Society, Pam is also a member of & exhibits with, Just Glass, & the Oxfordshire Craft Guild.

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