Oxfordshire Craft Guild

Opening in Spring 2021

A new virtual exhibition is coming, displaying an  exciting range of different works by our members.  We hope you will enjoy visiting . All items displayed in the Gallery will be for sale, with instructions on how to purchase them and make contact with our exhibitors provided.

In the meantime, the Woodstock Christmas Exhibition virtual gallery continues as the Extended Winter Exhibition at gallery.ocg.co.uk and will remain open until further notice. We hope you enjoy visiting, viewing and shopping.

Traditional crafts, contemporary design

The Oxfordshire Craft Guild is a focus for quality craftsmanship in Oxfordshire and nearby. Membership is open to makers of proven ability in a wide range of crafts.

We make and sell unique pieces which are beautiful and useful, encouraging innovation and the development of our creative skills. We share ideas, and work in partnership with art and other organisations across Oxfordshire and beyond.

We organise and participate in a variety of exhibitions, providing opportunities for members to display and sell to a wider public.