OCG Interactive Catalogue

Innovation and Diversity in Design and Crafts is our printed catalogue illustrating the work of over 50 of the Guild’s designer/makers. Free copies were given to visitors to the 2019 Christmas Exhibition at the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock and were much admired. Visitors to this website can enjoy a 3-D interactive version below. Please note that it can take a short while (about 30 seconds) to load but once loaded, can be expanded to full screen by clicking and pages can be enlarged with the slider .

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A more comprehensive introduction to all our designer/makers with further illustrations of their work is found in the section VIEW OUR MAKERS on this website.

Acknowledgments: The Catalogue was designed and put together by OCG member Graham Lester and a core working group of members, Ian Fraser and Kate Wilkinson, assisted by Annia Marcus, Judith Berger and Michael Berger. The Guild is grateful to Graham Lester’s son for suggesting the use of this technology and to our website developer Robert Iles of uktw.co.uk for enabling it.