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Gabriella Blakey

Appliqué en bois on wood I studied Graphic Design in Rome, Italy and have worked in this country for the last 30 years, painting and decorating furniture and objets d’art with pictorial compositions. I use acrylics on wood surfaces which have been thoroughly prepared before hand. In order to protect and preserve the design, a silky smooth finish of varnish and wax is then applied. In addition to my paintings on wood, I have now introduced a new interest working with coloured veneers, such as intaglio (cutting into wood, in which the design is hollowed out revealing a contrasting colour), appliqu&eacuteeacute; of veneer on wood, and inlay or marquetry. Sometimes these three techniques are used together in the same composition with the aim of achieving greater variety of decorative effect with a contemporary feel. My graphic design background enhances my appreciation of harmony and symmetry in the designs I create for my decorative pieces. I take commissions.