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Helen MacRitchie

I have been working in textiles for about 15 years, largely in Sydney Australia until I moved back to the UK last year.  I studied Stitched Textiles and Embroidery  through City & Guilds online while abroad, and fell in love with wet felting at an early stage.

As a textile artist I focus upon the detail found in nature and science, often drawing upon my past years of research in the pharmaceutical industry for inspiration.  I work in contemporary abstraction employing texture, colour and design to convey significant impressions and to interact with my audience.

I generally employ wool as a base in my practice, hand dyeing and wet felting.  I often add other fabrics, mixed media and hand or machine embroidery to play with differences in surface texture, opacity and rigidity as the design dictates.

I am a member of Prism Textiles in the UK and Untethered Fibre Artists in Australia.

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