Judith Godsland

I’ve always loved paper, and have experimented with paper sculpture, paper folding and paper making.  I like drawing and printmaking, and I make and sell my own cards, but I often feel that my artistic efforts fail to live up to the promise of the blank page, so my focus is bookbinding.

I started bookbinding in the 1990’s when I met Maureen Duke.   She taught me traditional binding and we kept in close touch until her death in 2018.   I have learnt contemporary bookbinding techniques from Lori Sauer, who is a fellow of the Designer Bookbinders, and from Benjamin Elbel.

Though I repair books when I’m asked to, and I have done several types of fine binding, my main output is small sketchbooks made from scratch.  They contain cartridge paper (for drawing), or watercolour papers (for painting).  The binding may be wrap-around leather, a case binding, or a straight or mad concertina fold.   I like my bindings to be handled, used, used up, and bought again!

As a way of using up offcuts, I have started to make tiny pop-up cards, and these threaten to become a major preoccupation.   So far I have made about 35 designs, plus all the letters of the alphabet.

I’m happy to be contacted by email.

Judith Godsland photo 1