Michael Berger

Working with fused glass began after I retired, instructed by John Dunn at his studio in Brighton and followed by a training in leaded (stained) glass work with John Vaukins in Didcot. Continuing training happens via talking with others, working in fused glass, and the very helpful videos available the Internet. These sources inspire me to experiment with a variety of techniques including metal inclusions, mica powder, glass paints, decals and special firing techniques.

Inspiration has derived from various sources, from the Inca of Mexico to Paul Klee, M.C. Escher and most recently, Mondrian, developing variations of his ideas using computer graphics and converting the design to glass pieces to create the final work. I also use abstract patterns and shapes in nature for inspiration. The challenge with glass, not always realised, is to create something that emerges from a night the kiln that captures my intentions.

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