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Judith Berger

I worked as a clinical neuropsychologist for many years but on retirement began to work in fused glass.

I have painted all my life and this has influenced the themes of my work in glass. Apart from Art O Level in the 60s I have had no formal training in arts, but have attended art classes and various short courses on fused glass over the last ten years or so.

Using Bullseye glass which has a wide range of colours, I am inspired by landscape, waterscape and nature.

By cutting glass and assembling it a little like collage, and adding powdered glass and inclusions prior to fusing, it is possible to create the depth, light and fluidity of nature in glass. For instance, water, leaves and trees are a particular inspiration.

I work at home in my garden studio, and have exhibited during Oxford Artweeks, and at Guild Exhibitions such as Woodstock Christmas Show, in the Oxfordshire Soldiers Museum, Broad Street Market, Oxford, and in April, 2017 at Cornerstone Window Walls, Didcot.

I am happy to accept commissions.

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